You have to do more with less. So now we’re charging you less.

At Doody Enterprises, we understand what medical librarians across the country are going through. We hear it from you all the time, loud and clear, including through your responses to our pricing survey this past July. Every year, you have to squeak by with an even lower budget, an even smaller staff, even fewer square feet of space.

The more your resources shrink, the more every dollar has to count. That’s why Doody’s exists: to help you identify which medical references you’ve got to carry, and which you can do without. And that’s just as important today as it was 26 years ago, when we first started publishing Doody’s Review Service™. After all, there are just as many new health sciences titles being published each year now as there were back then.

While the cost of everything else seems to keep going up, we’ve fought to keep our own prices steady. But now it’s time to go even further.

In 2020, we’re reducing the price of Doody’s Review Service by 5%.

You read that right. Starting January 1, 2020, an annual subscription will cost your library $25 less.

A new year…a new subscription rate for Doody’s Review Service™!

Subscription Begins or Renews Subscription Rate
Before or on December 31, 2019 $520.00 USD
On or after January 1, 2020 $495.00 USD

This may not be a huge price reduction in the grand scheme of things. But we’ve been watching you struggle, so we knew we had to do something.

Thanks for fighting the good fight. We believe in you.

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