Doody Enterprises, Inc. began in 1993 publishing a book review journal aimed at health sciences libraries.  So health sciences libraries and the institutions in which they reside – medical, nursing, dental, pharmacy, and other allied health schools; hospitals and healthcare systems; pharmaceutical and insurance companies – are Doody’s core market.

One of DEI’s fundamental missions is to serve the information needs of health sciences librarians. From the beginning of the company, we have relied heavily on the advice of our Library Board of Advisors.

The Library Board of Advisors has been a crucial sounding board helping create, develop and continually enhance three central products of Doody’s Library ServicesDoody’s Review Service, Doody’s Core Titles, and new in 2014 Doody’s Collection Development Monthly. We can truly say that these are products developed by librarians for librarians.

As librarians needs have changed, so, too, have our products adapted. As just one example, Doody’s Review Service originally reviewed print books only. Then it began reviewing electronic versions of the books. By 2008, we had expanded the review platform to report on the availability of eBook and digital versions from a variety of aggregators and publishers, making both the Doody’s Review Service and Doody’s Core Titles web sites a one-stop resource for information about the availability of the electronic version of the health sciences title(s) our subscribers were interested in from a wide variety of eBook aggregators and publishers.

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