Competitive Analysis Reports

Since 2014, Doody Enterprises has offered publishers specialized industry intelligence reports, called Competitive Analysis Reports (CARs), about the medical publishing landscape. We’ve prepared reports for a variety of publishers in dozens of medical and nursing specialty areas.

What is a CAR?

A CAR is a specialized report on the current state of book publishing in a particular health sciences specialty area (e.g cardiology, oncology nursing). The report provides rich data and information on books, publishers, and prominent trends in the chosen specialty(ies). Leveraging the depth and breadth of our Doody’s Review Service™ database of information on health sciences books and the expertise of our team, each CAR is strategically developed to help publishers make informed decisions about channeling their resources into the most attractive publishing opportunities.

What are the specific components of a CAR?

We offer three tiers of CARs: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

The Bronze tier includes:

  • A list of all the latest books published in your selected specialty area, including the title, print ISBN, lead author, edition, publisher, copyright year, and list price;
  • Doody’s Star Rating® for any books that have been reviewed by an expert for Doody’s Review Service™;
  • The list of titles in the chosen specialty from the most recent edition of Doody’s Core Titles®; and
  • Targeted information about the leading publishers in your specialty area.

The Silver tier includes all elements of the Bronze tier AND a detailed analysis of the types of books in your specialty area (e.g, handbook, atlas, monograph, text, tome, etc).

The Gold tier includes all elements of the Silver tier AND a detailed analysis of the specific topics of books published in your specialty area.

 The table below summarizes what’s included in each tier:

Topic  X
Book type XX
Copyright YearXXX
List Price of bookXXX
Number of Doody’s starsXXX
Last DCT editionXXX

In addition, we can customize these reports to a publisher’s specific needs.

Why order a CAR?

CARs have helped publishers at a variety of critical junctures:

  • Acquisitions: CARs help publishers identify gaps and saturations in the publishing landscape.
  • Marketing: CARs provide market intelligence about the competition in a particular specialty.
  • Pricing: Allows for easy-to-execute price comparison
  • Trend forecasting: What topics are consistent players in a specialty and which ebb and flow over time?
  • Audience: Pinpoint opportunities to expand a publisher’s market reach.

How much does a CAR cost?

Pricing for each CAR depends on the selected tier and the number of titles in the selected specialty area. The price of each CAR covers one specialty area only. CARs range in price from $400 to $700. Contact us today for a quote.

How long does it take to receive a CAR?

For a traditional CAR, 4 – 8 weeks. An order for multiple CARs or a customized CAR typically takes closer to 12 weeks.

To learn more, send inquiries to Dan Doody at

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