Doody’s Review Service

Doody’s Review Service declared a “valuable collection development, cataloging and reference tool” by The Medical Library Association

Since 1993, Doody’s Review Service has served the collection development needs of health sciences libraries around the world, with an unparalleled database of expert reviews and bibliographic data on titles in 140 clinical medicine, nursing, allied health, basic science, and other health-related disciplines.

An Unparalled Database

The Doody’s Review Service database is one of a kind in its broad, comprehensive coverage of the medical book publishing landscape. In order to achieve this, our database is updated weekly with metadata from medical book distributors on the latest titles. Daily, our staff catalogs newly published books that publishers send us for inclusion in our database and review service. In addition to our systematic updates, our extensive network of healthcare professionals and practitioners regularly notify us of new titles in their areas of expertise. And of course, librarians frequently write in to inform us of new opportunities for growing our database. Our multi-channel efforts ensure that Doody’s Review Service remains the most comprehensive tool for discovering health sciences books.

Doody’s Review Service


  • The most comprehensive collection development tool available
  • Website updated weekly with new expert reviews, newly published titles, and newly available e-versions of titles
  • Seamless access to the latest edition of Doody’s Core Titles
  • Links to over 20 eBook aggregators for digital versions of titles and apps
  • Sophisticated search and export functions
  • Handy tools to create, store, and share lists
  • Thoughtful articles each month from medical librarians and medical publishers.
  • Weekly Literature Update email customized for each user

Key to our success are the partnerships we have forged through the years. Among them are:

Our Library Board of Advisors, which has guided us in the creation and improvement of all of our products and services for librarians

Our Editorial Review Group Chairs (ERG Chairs) who coordinate reviews of titles in their field.

Our Reviewer network of more than 7,500 academically-affiliated healthcare professionals.

Our Participating Publishers, who send us their new titles as they are published

Every review includes Doody’s Star Ratings®, which identifies the publication’s merit based on an 18-point questionnaire prepared by the reviewer. Titles are categorized as Exceptional, Outstanding, Very Good, Average, or Substandard.