Doody’s Book Review Service is the Web’s most comprehensive database of health sciences books.   Participating publishers send us two copies of their books immediately upon publication so that their books can benefit from the deep and wide exposure our service provides.  Click here for a partial list of our participating publishers.

To be eligible for coverage in Doody’s database, books must be aimed at healthcare professionals and bear a copyright date of either the current or next calendar year.

Publisher’s Responsibilities
  • Ship two copies of all of your book titles aimed at healthcare professionals to Doody Enterprises immediately upon publication. Click here for shipping information.
  • Provide the name, e-mail address and phone number of individual(s) responsible for sending your titles.
  • Proofread prepublication copy about your titles which you will receive by e-mail as often as weekly.
Doody’s Responsibilities translate into Benefits for Publishers
  • Will publish unique bibliographic and descriptive information on 100% of the eligible books and software we receive.
  • Will publish unique expert reviews on at least 50% of the titles you send.
  • Will work to maintain its position as the most comprehensive and most authoritative source of information and expert reviews of books and software in the health sciences.
  • Will continue to work to expand the exposure Doody’s Book Review Service gets.
  • Will provide you with frequent (as often as weekly) information about the status of your titles in Doody’s system and with prepublication copy about recently-received titles from your company for you to proofread.
  • Will maintain a secure Web site, Doody’s Publishers’ Club, where staff of participating publishers can have free access to all aspects of Doody’s Book Review Service.
Publisher Opportunities

Doody Enterprises owns the copyright on all reviews published in Doody’s Review Service.  However, publishers can

  • license Doody’s reviews of your books for your own promotional purposes.
  • license Doody’s reviews to serve as the “Book Review” section in journals you publish.
  • use Doody’s platforms to advertise your products and services to the collection development librarians Doody reaches.

To inquire about any of these opportunities, write


Should a publisher send books or software not aimed at the health care professional, or should a publisher fail to send a 2nd copy of a book, Doody Enterprises reserves the right to donate these books to a worthy library.