Workshop Testimonials

“Excellent program, great mix of people, just the right size for optimal interaction.”
–Michael Springer, American Dental Assoc

“It was very useful, informational and practical. Keep bringing this group together.”
–Katie Feltman, Am Coll of Sports Medicine

“Assigning tables [for the case studies] and rotating tables was a truly excellent idea.”
–Dan Levin, International Association for the Study of Pain

“Both keynote speakers were excellent, and showed as we move forward in this digital age, it takes time and there is no clear path. That was refreshing to hear that we are not alone in our struggles.”
–David Hartogs, Am Public Health Association

“[The most significant positive outcome of the workshop were] the ideas generated for potential change in the coming year, and networking to talk about how other organizations have made such changes (successfully and not).”
–Ryan Walther, Am Assoc for Thoracic Surgery

“Very well done. I learned a great deal and will watch for future offerings.”
–Lisa Freund, Am Coll of Healthcare Executives